The National Forest

In recent years the global stability of our planet has been at the forefront of talks between world leaders and the general public alike. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we all need to do our bit to help the environment. The construction industry has long been a major contributor to the problem of global warming and with this in mind J.A. Ball Ltd have teamed up with The National Forest Company to help combat this problem for future generations.

During its lifetime a single oak tree can absorb approximately 3 tonnes of CO2. The average CO2 emissions created during the construction of a standard 3-bedroom dwelling equates to approximately 2.1 tonnes. We therefore propose to plant a new tree in The National Forest for every J.A. Ball home that is built.

Although this initiative may not have an immediate effect on our environment, in the long term it will enable us to reduce the levels of CO2 within our atmosphere and help to protect and preserve our delicate planet.

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