Project Delivery - How We Work

The J A Ball build process begins with an informal meeting to understand the opportunity.


It begins with an informal meeting to understand the opportunity

With the experience within the team you will get a prompt answer to any questions you may have about your plans, the build process and ways to optimise your proposed development.


• All projects we work on have a client appointed professional project manager

This means you have a professional who understands the build process working for you independent of us. Your project manager is focused on your interests, which means keeping the project on track for both the timescale and budget agreed. It also means there is someone we can call upon immediately there is any decision to be made based upon the unknown factors at the start of any building project.

• Complimentary Project Appraisal

If you have a project, the easiest place to start is an informal chat, so we understand what you are looking for as an end goal. Our experience means we can quickly get to grips with any level of brief and typically help you identify ways to save money, increase value or add benefit in some other way. It also typically provides you with an outline estimate of the likely costs.

• Optimising The Opportunity

As outlined in the 'complimentary project appraisal' our vast experience as a developer and builder means we understand how to optimise the value in any type of building project. Whatever the level of your project, you want to get the best return on investment - and we can help you see the different options available to get the maximum financial value.

• Architect Liasion & Outline Planning Scope

Working with your appointed architect we will scrutinise the project concept, relay our ideas and feedback on your architects proposal. In other words, work with your architect to ensure we are fully aware of all aspects of the proposal, building materials and construction techniques. This ensures our costings are accurate and if we see any potential issues they can be flagged up before any real expense is experienced.

• Detailed Planning Appraisal

Planning permission is always the most crucial aspect of any project, it can make the difference between the project being viable or not. Which is why, if we possibly can we work closely with the architect and relevant planning authorities to ensure the plans submitted have accommodated any concerns and resolved any issues before they are submitted.

• Detailed & Build Schedule, Build Programme & Cashflow Projections

Upon approval of planning consent the outline build schedule can be formalised. Together with a detailed build programme accurate cashflow projections can be agreed. This is because once the projects commences, everyone needs a clear picture of where we are against the plan. To ensure the plan is kept to the agreed schedule, daily project meetings are held and concise reporting on project Key Performance Indicator's means communication amongst the key stakeholders is fluid and upto date.

  • 12 Month Retention Bond - Held By You To Guarantee Satisfaction

As a quality builder delivering the highest standards of construction, from groundworks to interior finish, we are confident in the product we create. However, as a commercial partnership it is common practice to have an element of the final fees retained in a bond. This bond ensures any areas, which may arise, are dealt with swiftly. And in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, where we are unable to reach a satisfactory resolution, there are funds to resolve it using a third-party.

• Upon 12 Months From Build Handover - Final Sign Off & Bond Payment

As a successful family owned building contractor based in the East Midlands since 1992, our record of outstanding quality, delivering on time and within the budget set is exemplary.


Where We Work

Housing development contracts are undertaken thoughout the whole of the UK. 


Delivering On Promises

This step by step approach means before you sign up to any contract, you have full confidence in our ability and commitment to deliver on your expectations.